Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To All the Foods I've Known Before (pt. 3)

Holy Moly, Geez Louis here it is the third and final part of my thrilling Nutrition Program food listing. I wouldn't want to keep you, my adoring fans, from this vital and important information any longer than need be so without further ado I bring you:

1 Large bag of popcorn
1 Naked Juice Berry Blast (eaten together - the excessive salt made my tummy a little sour)
1 home made dessert bar (big burst of immediate energy then it made me hungrier)
3 fun-sized Milky Way bars (a little jittery)
1 Lean cuisine vegetable egg roll
1 Lean cuisine four cheese cannelloni (eaten together, made me feel pleasantly full)

And that's that all I've got. God only knows if I'll ever stoop so low to list the exact foods I eat over the course of a day so if you enjoy the ball's in your court, it'll make a great blog. Just be sure to eat a little Taco Bell now and again to keep it interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I wish this series of food entry could go on forever, it is the best thing since gravy was invented - your anonymous fan.