Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Space is a Space of Strangeness

Before this blog I used to write off and on at my Myspace account ( but Myspace leant itself to parody, smart ass strangeness, project promotion, bizarre cut-up writing and little else. When major events hit (Matt Zaun's passing and the 35 bridge) I could write something actually about myself but otherwise it was back to obscure or snide. I'd try to write in my "actual voice" but the format subverted my ability to do that. I wonder if it's all the flashing banners and lights - the put me into a surrealist daze. I still post there but reserve it now fully for promotion and strangeness.

When I started this blog I wondered if I could write something regularly that didn't decend into strangeness. It's been easy enough so far. Maybe the soft blues and tans of the text entry portion of this site relax me into a better writing mind.

Today I had work off. I taught a couple of classes in the morning and then teach one at 7:30 tonight. Otherwise ate lunch with Nick and Brett Smith and then hung out with Nick and played the Wii. Great times. The Wii is a lot of fun when played in groups, though Nick's tennis skills are impressive (he beat me in three out of three sets - damn). I hadn't owned a video game system for awhile and the last one I had (a PS2) I got bored of really fast and sold to a friend. The Wii's great because it has a stack of addicting short games that don't eat up days on end. I can put it down for a week without a problem and then come back to it without any problem* and have a lot of fun with it. I find it neither compulsively addicting nor boring. Good stuff.

All for now. Have a nice Thursday.


*the same cannot be said for comic book message boards, if you followed my entry last month you'll be interested to know that I've gone back repeatedly through the gateway to It's officially an addiction.

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