Thursday, January 10, 2008

Food and Holiday Weight

Hey hey aren't holiday weight gains fun? I think I weigh a good 10-15 pounds up on last March, yikes! Back on Weightwatchers (online works well) and I'm going to be doing the Corepower nutrition program as well. Should be sitting pretty in a month or two after which point I'm toying with the idea of going completely raw (i.e. no cooked food). I did that for a few weeks last year and I felt great. I'm hoping that a year or so on the program might help move me to another level mentally and emotionally. I love the idea of eating sunshine/becoming light which the raw foods deal taps into very strongly. I usually need some form of ideological excitement to get me into big new things and that one does it for me. Finally I debating whether or not to do another marathon this year, all the training seems kind of fun (and hellish, and fun).

That's all I've got. Very best!


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