Friday, January 18, 2008

Television Telephone Ettiquette

I noticed while watching "Big Love" that no one says "goodbye" before hanging up the phone. When I mentioned this to Noel she told me that it's very rare that anyone on TV says goodbye on the phone. From a storytelling flow angle I can understand this because if you're trying to make a dramatic point that may be stolen by the "OK, well take care then." thrown in at the end. However, from an actual "let's pretend this stuff is real rather than just a story angle" I have to say that in my life I've only hung up on people a very few times and it usually was out of anger. These hang ups caused ruffled feathers from the other side too, of course they did - no one likes to be hung up on. No wonder everyone on is always having such big drama on TV, they're mad at everyone else from hanging up on them.

The other thing is that in movies and TV if someone coughs it's a sure sign that they're about to get deathly ill. Please do not take this as a representation as to how it works in real life.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed that too! I am also annoyed by
* people talking quietly or semi-quietly to themselves by watching live music
* scenes in the snow or winter with no visable breath
* people in winter scenes who are not wearing hats and scarves. Although that happens in real life too, but those people are freaking idots!
_ Karen O. E.