Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Food I have Eaten

Hey, I used to joke that blogs existed solely as a way of the writers to inform their readers how many times they ate at Taco Bell. Well, as part of the upcoming Nutrition Program I need to log my eating for three days and tell them how it makes me feel. I figured since I'm writing it down anyways, I might as well share. Unless you're interested in details regarding my eating please feel free to skip this one today and tomorrow.

1/21/2007 Food Log
1 Naked Strawberry Banana C (felt good, energized but not shakey)
1 Naked Green Machine
2 Tofu Dogs
2 slices of wheat bread (ate the last four listings as one meal - felt full and yet not overfull. Energized. Pretty good. A couple of hours later my tummy felt a little acidic)
2 Mints (made me a little jittery and didn't help the slight headache I was already nursing)
1 Cheese Sandwich with whole wheat bread, low fat cheese, tomatos
1 Cheese pita sandwich
Stir fried yellow peppers with tofu
1 Frozen fudge on a stick bar (Ate these last items as dinner. Had been hungry but felt much better after. Filled up.)

1/22/07 Food log
1 Naked Orange Mango energy drink
1 Kashi peanut butter bar (ate first two together. Felt good though not as full as when I drink a full smoothy Naked drink)
1 banana (immediate burst of energy no later lull)
1 Veggie burger from The Local
1 plate of fries and malt vinegar (ate second two entries together - I felt bloated and my tummy has been queasy all afternoon)
3 Fun-sized Snickers bars (immediate burst of energy, then jittery).

I'll finish off today's food and give you tomorrow's this time tomorrow. Can you take the suspense?!


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