Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Thoughts from 6 months in

6 months now in CA. Does the name Mr. Mississippi still apply? Today I move from the room I was renting in Huntington Beach to a room in Westminster. I always get philosophical on move days, they represent a certain type of paradigm shift. I'm now into co-leading my second teacher training and I have been teaching a lot the last month or so. Lost my car in a crash so I bike everywhere now. Noel's in Eau Claire for the 4 months or so. She doesn't have a job right now so we are pretty broke. It's interesting living genuinely close to the ground. I've worked on some Eddie Entropy music with Nick, that's been fun. Listening to Japanese thick psychedelic rock from the 70s right now. It is strange seeing all your possessions in one small corner of a garage. God is everywhere and I'm really into it right now. The living of life as the supreme manifestation of life. This space is rather hidden all things given so it's like my private little freak-out zone, kind of cool really. I have a private livejournal too but I like the idea of this blog being hidden in plain site. Will I continue to write here? I have seen current mainstream movies in the past six months than in the last 6 years combined. A few positive surprises and a few complete turds. Been very into krautrock lately, this whole time out here has been rather like a travelogue through my different musical phases. Before I was listening to a lot of industrial from the 80s and 90s, I've been putting together a huge mixtape series of primarily industrial stuff, it's been fun. Now I've switched over to Herbie Hancock, reminds me of hanging with Kelli in Bellingham. Time is rather fluid and there's some hidden tensions going on in my life but mostly I feel pretty energized. I feel youthful vigor but don't feel young. That's a good combo. Teaching yoga has been a trip out here, people here seem to get my energy better than they did in MN, that's cool. I'm going further off the grid now, cancelled most all of my internet subscriptions though I'll probably re-subscribe to Netflix when I have a little more money. I've enjoyed the current series of Doctor Who more than any other since the show's come back on the air, it's gotten me even watching some of the old classics. Spent a lot of time hanging out with the Hare Krishnas. Spent a little time hanging with Lon Milo Duquette's Monday Night Magick Group. Used to go up to LA for yoga and Kirtan all the time. Saw Krishna Das, Bhagavan Das, Donna De Lory, Snautam Kaur, C.C. White, Dave Springer, Deeva Premal (who had the drummer form the Doors and the preacher from Agape join her on stage) and a bunch of other people too. Lots of great yoga with Shiva Rea and some kind of silly yoga with Steve Ross. It's weird out here so many people casually know a number of "famous" people, it's just sort how things roll. Xiren is coming over in 15 minutes to help me move so I should do my last round of gathering everything together. Jai! Jai! Jai! Jai! Jai! (jai five, I'll explain later).