Monday, January 14, 2008

Playing with Mantra

The concept I've been playing with put in as simple of terms as I can muster:

Completely engagement of the ego self while at the same time identifying solely with the transcendent self.

The mantra I use to keep this idea present:

Atman David

I use mantras a good deal in my yoga practice. After engaging rhythmic breathing I follow this formula

First inhale: AT
First exhale: MAN
Second inhale: DA
Second exhale: VID

Atman is the Hindu term for the transcendent self or the "self behind the self" and David is the name I was born into. I only started using this last week but it's interesting how charged the use of my own name is. It can open a trance state pretty quickly, I suspose it's the vast degree of connection.

Whether or not mantra "sends out energy" or "taps me into the universal self" is beside the point. A good mantra can very easily create a very steady and solid rhythm for your breath and it can also help the mind to relax into a trance or semi-trance state. Practicing yoga from this state is great as the postures are usually deeper and the mind less concerned with what is happening outside of the mat.

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