Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yoga Playlists (part four)

It's Sunday so you know what that means, a new yoga playlist. This one has a really nice, mellow yet not lethargic flow to it, hope you enjoy.

Ka-ba Vinyasa 10

Wehrmut by Cluster & Eno from "Cluster & Eno"
Alive (Mantra) by Sa Dingding (薩頂頂) from "Alive"
Chest In the Attic by Daniela Stickroth from "Stories from the Attic"
Life's A Beach! (Todd Terje Beach House Mix) by Studio from "Life's A Beach!"
Mickey Finn by The Modernist from "Kangmei"
FM (Tensnake Remix) by Junior Boys from "The Dead Horse - EP"
Flutter by Bonobo from "Dial 'M' for Monkey"
Electric Counterpoint - 2. Slow by Steve Reich from "Reich: Different Trains, Electric Counterpoint"
Doris Dub by Tosca from "Suzuki"
Breakfast In Heaven (ARPs Worn Cassette Version) by Lindstrøm from "Breakfast In Heaven (Remixed) - EP"
Rise (original short size) by Sugar Plant from "Ping Pong (ピンポン オリジナル・サウンドトラック)"
In McDonalds by Burial from "Untrue"
Aguirre III by Popol Vuh from "Aguirre (Original Soundtrack)"

Lots of international music in this one. The "Ping Pong" soundtrack that I use on here gets a bit of play on other playlists. It's a pain to get a hold though, as it's a Japanese import but it's well worth it. Lots of great indie Japanese electronic music. Also, if you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

Cluster & Eno start things off, a little minimalist classical (in the form of Steve Reich) forms the mid-section and Popol Vuh close it out. It's rare that "Flutter" gets played but I have it there in case the opening section is going long. I also have a 75 minute version of this, which I'll post one of these days.

For once, I got the playlist submitted to iTunes before my initial posting. It's available here

They don't have the opening Cluster & Eno track (which is a crime because that album is a classic and should always be available) so I used another much longer track. That means you may need to skip into Sa Dingding after your intro. They also don't have the Sugar Plant track from "Ping Pong" so I substituted a Neu! track, though I'd considered using Massive Attack instead.

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Jai Five said...

Ha, just used this one in class yesterday again! It'd been years.