Monday, March 10, 2008

Ka-baalim / Datura 1.0 DVD Coming Soon

Noel and I got together with our friends Matt and Julie over the weekend. Matt works on the dark ambient project Datura 1.0 and he's recently finished work on a DVD that has three Ka-baalim videos and two Datura videos. His video work is amazing - the feeling it creates is not entirely unlike the states I used to get into back in the days when I wasn't so clean and sober. Very hallucinogenic! I'm anxious for people to be able to see this. I've been extremely lucky to work with an amazing collection of collaborators in music and art, seeing the video actually got me fired up to start doing some ambient music again.

We’re going to be getting a limited edition (20-30 copies) together for Matt’s show at BentFest in May, after that we’ll be looking into doing a wider release.


Anonymous said...

I'm very excited to see the DVD for this. Does this mean there are now two videos for "All our geese are gone", one from Ka-baalim and on from Datura 1.0?


David Not David said...

Yep, "All our geese are gone" is now the proud owner of two official videos. Who'd have expected that it'd be our hit single? MTV just can't get enough!

Bonny said...

Are there any left?? Now that I've got DSL I'm seeing how much news I've missed!