Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garfield Dream

Yes, watching those Garfield videos on Youtube has finally driven me stark raving mad. Last night, I dreamed of Garfield. Not just any normal Garfield dream (if there is such a thing) but a really messed up "what the hell was going through my head" sort of Garfield dream.

Garfield lives in an apartment in the skyway and we're hanging out. I am not Jon from the comic. I am either Garfield-sized or he is human-sized. He looks very much like the Garfield in those lasagna cat videos. We go out and are followed by a man who is the spirit of Odie.

We go into a law firm in the skyways (not the firm I work at) and wonder through. We hear someone coming and we're not supposed to be here so we exit stage left through an elevator. The elevator doesn't work like it should though, it's going sideways and up and down, down, down - taking us God knows where.

We finally exit in a dark dank area of the skyway. Garfield, Odie and I get out and hope to find our way back home. I notice some strange graffiti - "I have killed before, and I will kill again." We start to feel nervous but forge forward, assuming it is some stupid kid who wrote it. Odie is especially scared. Then we see more graffiti about murder and hear someone ahead of us. With Garfield in the lead we beat a hasty retreat to the elevator.

We try to go back to the law firm but we're let out in a gigantic apartment. Inside we find an enormous three-headed, six-tailed Garfield asleep in his bed. We wander around the apartment looking for food. Then for some reason we realize that this giant Garfield liked to eat cats, dogs and people and so we decide it wise to leave. Of course, the monster Garfield has woken up by this point. I don't remember how we get out of the mess but I believe it had to do with key lime pie.

And that was my dream. Caused me to wake up late enough to miss Linda's C2 this morning. :( Any dream analysts out there care to take a crack at this one?

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