Friday, February 1, 2008

Ah February

February - it is the shortest month of the year on the calendar but for my dollar it can often feel like the longest experientially. I'm usually a very happy guy but it's about this time of year that I can get down, and it's not just me: worldwide Feb has the highest suicide rate. Now that's an interesting factoid as you'd think this whole "Feb Sucks" thing would be based around the cold weather but many areas of the world are experiencing very different weather than we MNtians are right now.

Last year, however, I took a step to help diminish the affects of this time of year. I enrolled in yoga teacher training. 200 hours in 9 weeks is a lot of time and I was too busy doing things that I loved and was driven to do to have the time to wallow in it. It worked really well and last Feb was absolutely great!

This year I'll be starting Feb with the Nutrition Program cleanse, I'll be learning how to teach yoga sculpt, I'll be teaching a lot of classes (though a couple less than I have been), I'll be going full force into Ka-baalim "volume three" work and I'll be prepping for an Advanced Teacher Training that I'll be doing in Mexico come mid-April. I'd guess that all of this should help a bit. Free time's for summer, Feb's for work!

Wish me luck.


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