Sunday, February 17, 2008

Life Updates from the Weekend of DND


A few life updates from the weekend. Noel and I went to Joseph from Magus' birthday party last Friday and had an excellent time. I hadn't seen his and Mela's new place but it is fantastic! Lots of fun people to talk to and one of the first parties where I didn't miss drinking. Good times!

Not so good is that Noel's gone to Duluth to visit her parents and Grandma. We don't spend a lot of time away from each other and I definitely get a bit lonely and have a tough time getting to sleep when she's not around. I wish I could have gone along.

I hung out at Sawatdee (sp?) with Elizabeth to look over the photos from the photo session (was it just last week). I got a great shot of me in full lotus headstand and a really cool variation of the same shot where it looks like I'm doing it in the middle of either a psychedelic whirlwind or a snow cavern. I'll be scanning and posting these on Myspace soon.

Yesterday in yoga I think I pinched something in my neck as I had a terrible headache when I came home. I laid in the bathtub until I had to puke and then fell into a deep nap. Felt much better when I woke up but I always hate feeling poorly.

Nick and Cindy are in town house hunting (they're moving back from L.A. - hurray!) so when all hung out for hot chocolate at Common Roots (my new favorite coffee shop and they have great veggie food too). Had an excellent time talking various projects with Nick. He's been working on an amazing secret video project lately that I think is one of the best things he's done (and he's done some great stuff, witness the "Western Angels" video I posted a few days back).

Tonight I'm heading over to Todd's to listen over to what is probably the final mix of the first Saint Anthony Falls track "Nihali". I am really excited to hear it! We'll also be talking about stuff related to the project and the b-side track.

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