Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Music: early '08

I love a new year as there is a special thrill when you first start to fill your playlists up with brand new to '08 music and see what sticks.

Today was a good day as I downloaded the brand new M.I.A. "Paper Planes" E.P. Only listened to it once so far but it's quite good. I'll be downloading the new Goldfrapp single tonight. I've heard it on her Myspace and I'm excited to hear more.

Also I'm in love with the Santogold "Creator/L.E.S. Artistes" (as previously mentioned) and the cover of "Cobrastyle" on the new Robyn E.P. is freakin' fantastic (so fantastic I've listened to it 50 times or so in the past week and a half, yikes!).

Vampire Weekend's album is really good but I've been mostly listening to it on shuffle with other music and I think it'll benefit from isolated listening. In a similar probably better as isolated listening category, The Magnetic Fields "Distortion" is the best MF album since "Get Lost" ("69 Love Songs" for all the critical praise had more misses than hits in my mind whereas everything from "Charm" through "Get Lost" was gold from first to last track).

I've picked up the Kanye West remix single for the fabulous track "Stronger" but haven't had the time to listen yet. I like the MGMT "Time to Pretend" EP a whole lot, I should pick up the album. I bought the Britney EP for "Piece of Me" but have to admit that I find it a little tedious. My BS fixation may be on the way out for a season or three. Of course, I've been listening to the rough mix of Todd and my new track "Nihali" a shit ton. I hope the final version sounds as good to others as it does to me.

I'll offer some more in depth reviews for a few of these as I find the time, I just wanted to throw out a lot of my current favorites for folks to mull over.

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