Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yoga Playlists (part six)

OK, another week another yoga playlist. This one was made in '09 and I've come back to it quite a bit. Anyone used to my MN classes may remember this one too. Most should be up on iTunes and I'll look into podcasting this week!

ka-ba vinyasa 31
1. Phil Western "Fair Oaks" from 4am
2. The Fireman "Sing the Changes" from Electric Arguments
3. The Republic Tigers "Buildings & Mountains" from Buildings & Mountains
4. Feist "I Feel It All (Britt Daniel Remix)" from I Feel It All E.P.
5. Cut Copy "Unforgettable Season" from In Ghost Colours
6. The Asteroids Galaxy "Around the Bend (Radio Edit)" from Around the Bend E.P.
7. The Sea and Cake "On a Letter" from Car Alarm
8. The Go Find "Over the Edge" from Miami
9. Electric President "All the Bones" from Sleep Well
10. Steve Reich "Electric Counterpoint - 2 Slow" from Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint
11. OceanLab "Breaking Ties (Flow Mix)" from Sirens of the Sea
12. Goldfrapp "Road to Somewhere (acoustic mix)" from Happiness E.P.
13. Asobi Seksu "Breathe Into Glass" from Me & Mary/Breathe Into Glass
14. Husky Rescue "New Light of Tomorrow (Bonobo Remix)" from Other Worlds: Remixes & Rarities
15. Mazzy Star "Into Dust" from So Tonight That I Might See
16. M83 "Midnight Souls Still Remain" from Saturdays = Youth

The playlist clocks in at 1 hour 17 minutes. Phil Western makes really nice integration music, Steve Reich is a favorite for the midway rest and of course I posted the same M83 track last week. The Mazzy Star song can be a little heavy so it gets skipped unless I feel the class is ready for it. Not a ton of hard boppin' core music in this one. Asteroid Galaxy is the one, with Cut Copy as sort of a lead-in. Sometimes I double play the Asteroid Galaxy track, it's one of those tracks by a band I have nothing else by that I really dig, creates a fun mood.

What makes me keep coming back to this playlist is that it flows great, every track leads into the next, musically, tempo-wise and emotionally. In my opinion, it's one of the strongest playlists I've done.


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