Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yoga and Dancing and Living the Good Life

Mark Farina was a great show made even better by the fact that everyone I went out dancing with actually stayed boogying on the dance almost all night long! Usually I dance more than others when I go with a group and having everyone boogie down made it a truly excellent dance experience.

Speaking of truly excellent experiences, I just got back from Hot Yoga with Sanj and it was the best Hot Yoga class I've taken. I have now truly found the deep resonant love for the Bikram/Hot practice which I enjoyed before but didn't truly "get". What made it so great, outside of great teaching, was that tonight I could really hear my mind start to throw crap at me, and I had the ability to get in deep with my breath and instead of just allowing the mind to distract me, I sent my breath in to the areas where I was resistant. In my shoulders, with claustrophobia, fear of pushing further, etc - I just kept sending the breath through and letting the emotions and thoughts fully rise up without resisting them. Having the full minute in poses means that the practice can be a lot more confrontational than a more flowing practice and that confrontation was just what I needed tonight.

Hurray for yoga and hurray for life!

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