Saturday, July 3, 2010

Julian Cope "I Gotta Walk" on Top of the Pops

One might suspect that the last Julian Cope video posted was a peak moment that could never be topped. Of course in the world of St. Julian most moments are peaks. Here he, Thighpaulsandra (armed with an enormous silver dialed and vacuum tube synth that looks like a Doctor Who set piece from the 70s) and the rest of the crew appear on the British Teeny-bopper show Top of the Pops playing their "I Gotta Walk" track off of Autogeddon (my favorite Cope album). To commemorate the moment Julian shaves both sides of his head, puts his remaining hair in a ponytail, wears a yellow mu-mu, makes faces and bellows like a horse while the teen audience bobs their heads in obviously gleeful bewilderment. Nothing like this could ever have come out from any other man...

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