Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yoga Playlists (Part Seven)

I went through a period of using pretty up-tempo techno as the bulk of my playlists. I've never posted one of these before, so without further ado, here it is yo:

ka-ba vinyasa 26
1. Galaxy "La casa de Can Raco" from Science of Ecstasy
2. Markus Schulz "Traveling Light" from Without You Near
3. Alex Gaudino "Watch Out (Extended Mix)" from Watch Out
4. Art of Trance "Madagascar (Domi Nation Remix)" from Madagascar Remixes
5. Morgan Page "The Longest Road" from Elevate
6. Deep Theory "Do It (Miguel Migs Large Dub)" from Summer Night Sessions
7. Mimic "Re-Solve" from Afterhours Ibiza
8. OceanLab "On A Good Day" from Sirens of the Sea
9. Ratnabali "Spiritual Trance" from Shiva Lounge
10. Bonobo "Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)" from Days to Come
11. Legion of Green Men "Constellation (Adam Shaikh Remix)" from Polymorphic Convolutions
12. Galaxy "Meet the Buddha" from Science of Ecstasy

Bonobo, OceanLab and Morgan Page are all great for yoga playlists and can easily work in playlists not so techno oriented. I went through a period where one of the three were on just about every playlist I made. Mimic is the "break after inversions" track and it's a great one for that. The intro track is a little beat heavy, I keep meaning to switch it out. "Meet the Buddha" is a pretty cool closer though. The Art of Trance track reminds me of 1999 and Oakenfold's classic Tranceport mix.

This is the sort of playlist I can only really use for specific, high energy sorts of classes - it's just too much otherwise. These days I'll use my techno playlists (I've got three of them) maybe on average once a month. If I use them on the right days the reaction from the class is great but on the wrong days they hit like a lead balloon.

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