Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yoga Playlists (part five)

OK, I've made a lot of yoga playlists in the 2 1/2 years since I posted part four of this series. Since I mentioned that I'm hungry to make more, I thought I could get a little of that energy out by posting one of my most recent ones here. This is a nice happy playlist, it's peppy without being over-powering. It includes a lot of 2010 music as well.

ka-ba vinyasa 39

1. Cocteau Twins "Lazy Calm" from Stars and Topsoil - a collection
2. Coldplay "Life in Technicolor" from Viva La Vida
3. Lali Puna "Remember" from Our Inventions
4. Dan Black "Symphonies" from UN
5. Delorean "Endless Sunset" from Subiza
6. Primal Scream "The Glory of Love" from Beautiful Future
7. the xx "Stars (Dave Wrangler Remix) unofficial remix from Under The Influence
8. Massive Attack "Pray For Rain (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)" from Heligoland (Deluxe Edition)
9. Frightened Rabbit "Swim Until You Can't See Land" from The Winter of Mixed Drinks
10. Broken Bells "The High Road" from Broken Bells
11. Four Tet "Plastic People" from There is Love In You
12. Donna De Lory "Govinda Jaya Jaya" from The Lover and the Beloved
13. Gorillaz "Cloud of Unknowing" from Plastic Beach
14. Uh Huh Her "Dreamer" from Common Reaction
15. Goldfrapp "Voicething" from Head First
16. Burial "In McDonalds" from Untrue
17. M83 "Midnight Souls Still Remain" from Saturdays = Youth

This playlist deviates slightly from my "four pillars" method of construction in that the Four Tet song (which is the post inversion cool down track) rocks a little harder and lasts a lot longer than a track in that slot usually would, but it is still chill enough to serve the cool down in child's pose vibe but also vibrant enough to get into the whole triangle/balancing series vibe too.

The playlist runs almost an hour and a half so lots of it gets skipped. Uh Huh Her is rarely heard and the three last tracks can all serve as savasana tracks depending on the mood I want to create (light & floaty, use Goldfrapp; short & mysterious use Burial; gone to the world use M83).

I've been using that Cocteau Twins track for both the beginning and end of classes, it works a charm. Of course Burial and M83 are standard closers for me. I feel the Dan Black song will become a staple of many upbeat vinyasa classes, it is perfect for a little flow. The Coldplay song is short and so works well to create that "first motion of Sun A" feeling. It's rather like Phoenix's "Love Like a Sunset" for that purpose. The Donna De Lory track is an old yoga classic and brings back pleasant memories of taking Jaina's C2s back in MN.

One note, I won't be uploading these to iTunes anymore, it's simply too much of a pain and most the songs disappear after a few months anyways. I think the only thing not available on iTunes here is the xx remix which I linked to the track. As mentioned elsewhere today I do plan on podcasting some playlists sooner rather than later.

If you enjoy this playlists feature, comment and let me know. If there's any demand I'll bring it back as a weekly feature! =)


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