Monday, December 24, 2007

5:30 comes in an a.m. variety? Who knew?

Wow, it's early. 5:30 am. A few years ago I didn't know that 5:30 came in any variety other than pm. I'm writing this from the St. Paul Corepower. I teach a 6:15today and with all the snow I left extra early. Turns out TC snow removal was better than I expected and the drive didn't take any longer than usual so I have a little time to burn before the first students trickle in. So I've got a little Sa Dingding cranked in the background as I heat up the room and blog away.

Noel and I are heading out to Eau Claire around 3 today to see my mom. We'll get together with my dad and stepmom late tomorrow afternoon if they get back in time. If so it'll be the first Christmas where I've seen my dad for some 14 or 15 years... I'm definitely looking forward to Christmas this year. I usually have a certain amount of dread but that dread is from very old days as I've had great Christmases for quite a few years running.

Finally, just in case you're wondering what Sa Dingding is, here you go:

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