Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mirror Numbers and the Year's Exhale

6:30 am (ish)

Throat hurts today too. Last night went to the holiday party at Corepower and talked and danced and laughed until I was rather hoarse and talking like "granddad". This morning I feel the after effects and that's OK. It sucks but it's OK, the prize was worth the price as I had a lovely time last night.

So the shortest daylight day of the year has come and gone. 12 21 is the only true mirror date of the year meaning it's the only double double digit month / day that are the mirror of each other. It's also the shortest daylight day of the year. On a personal level it was the last day of work at the law firm I work at before the four day holiday weekend and that anticipation in the air created an interesting collective vibe.

If we view the year as one enormous breath and light as the air that goes in through the world's lungs then yesterday was the emptiest the lungs get before a new breath begins. Due to my yoga teaching and the importance of breath in yoga I tend to view everything as a metaphor for breath.

New light, new breath, new experience. It will be dawn soon.

Be good to each other.



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