Sunday, December 23, 2007

No grand thoughts today just updates and chit chat

6:45 am

Great night last night, Nick is in town from LA and so I got to hang out with him and a very specific most excellent group of friends that I only ever see when he's around. Ate at Kinh Doh and then went to the very cheesy and yet surprisingly relaxed (in that there was no one there) Restaurant Miami. It's worth the visit just to see the fabled "Scarface Lounge" and to see that the tables have telephones so that you can call other tables to hit on people. Wow. Seriously, wow. "Hey baby, youse lookin' pretty hot drinkin' your Scarface movie quote named beverage, youse wants to come over and maybe do it?" None of that for me but I did drink virgin drinks and talked movies and music and all the good stuff. Really a great time - a super nice group of people.

Of course I talked myself hoarse but this morning I feel better than the last few mornings. No fever, my voice is fine but I am a bit phlegm-y in the throat. Oh well, once again the prize was more than worth the price (you get the idea I'm proud of that phrase, cuz I am).

I teach a couple of classes today and a few tomorrow but otherwise have nothing on my plate, which is fun. I'm enjoying the holidays much more this year than I have in ages. I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that we've got snow on the ground? I love the snow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey David, Glad you could come out last night. It was great seeing you and Noel. I forgot to tell her how much I enjoyed the work she did on the new Ka-baalim track! Ahhh The Miami, the existence of it still baffles me. I guess we should just be thankful the usual clientel weren't there or it could've been a lot worse. Though I did like the angry guy on his cel phone who paced back and forth for a solid hour. That Scarface lounge thing still scrambles my brain. I find myself at a total loss to explain how and why that film continues to become more and more embraced in mainstream culture. Anywhooo it was a great time and I'm looking forward to getting the gang together again for my birthday! We should definitely make some time for a round of 40k while I'm in town too...