Monday, October 12, 2009

My Old Time Radio and Pulp Magazine Reviews

I thought I'd pop by and let all y'all know that I've started a sister blog to this one where I review Old Time Radio Drama, Modern Audio Fiction and Pulps. It's at Check it out my friends and leave some comments for fun! For those of you who have never learned the joys of old time radio, it's just about my favorite form of entertainment, and tons and tons of it are available for free download as podcasts on iTunes. Now that it's Halloween time, download some classic horror thrills!

My plan is to get at least 10 reviews posted a month. They are not professional level reviews, they're done for the entertainment of myself and my readers. I do hope to get better and better at reviewing but at the end of the day I'd rather get more reviews out and have them be less than perfect rather than a very few perfect reviews.

PS: Click on the ads to side on the Golden Masks blog and help make me big bucks! I'm up to 6 cents so far, financial independence cannot be far behind! ;)

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