Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is My Birfday!

Yep. Happy Birfday to me. 34 as of about 10 minutes ago. Off to see Cut Copy and The Black Kids. Hurray!

Went to Iron Man earlier today, road my bike around, ate really good indian at Nalapak. Lots of good time with Noel and on my own. Wandered to a few comic shops to pick up dirt cheap Valiant Comics. I threw out my back a week ago and it's still tender so I eschewed other physical activity.

Hope all is well for you!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday David! Wish I was there to celebrate with ya. All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. David - Happy Birthday!

Kelly K said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the show was awesome!

David Not David said...

Thanks for the kind comments! The show was fucking awesome! Black Kids were great and Cut Copy way exceeded my expecations live (I had sort of pegged them as a great album band but might be kind of dull live - they weren't at all).