Monday, November 9, 2009

Sensation Junky (Ballard Breaks It Down)

Modern society makes sensation junkies of us. In the 60s it was sex, in the 80s it was violence, where's the sensation obsession these days? In yoga we talk about people pushing themselves physically past neutrality, past the ability to find solid breath control in order to find sensation. There's one angle. There's also the angle of sensation through gluttony, through inter-personal drama, through voyeurism and conversely through exhibitionism.

That last point, exhibitionism, seems to be a valid source of fuel for the modern sensation junky. You get your fifteen minutes of fame via facebook where your personal drama gets elivated and even reviewed. Increasingly what cannot be talked about, what cannot be blogged about, what cannot be seen/heard and commented on lacks reality.

Communication itself has mutated and evolved, in an eastern sense we are living in an age where the throat chakra is in over-abundence drawning out even the heart. We've been weened on taglines to the point that we lack the ability to look past or even speak our own reality past the basic headline. How many characters does a tweet contain? 256 or somesuch.

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