Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good movies

I have just a moment but I thought I'd mention a couple of good movies I've seen recently.

Meduzot a/k/a Jellyfish - Noel and I saw this over the weekend and knew not a thing about it. I won't go into depth here but it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Shades of Egoyan but with a more grounded dialog and camera style. Beautiful and heartfelt. I don't imagine it will be around next week so if you live in MPLS, you might want to catch it this week.

Cocaine Cowboys - Saw this on DVD - great documentary about the cocaine smuggling scene in Miami in the mid-70s and early 80s. This is the true story that they based Miami Vice around. There's a hit man in there who's one of the scariest people I've ever seen in a movie. The time flies by and the movie lets the people who were there talk rather and the director doesn't waste your time with editorializing.

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